Annual Meeting

In the Episcopal Church, each parish must conduct an general meeting of its members at least once per year. This is often referred to as the "Annual Meeting" altho ugh such meetings may be called at anytime with sufficient notice to deal with matters of great importance to the parish. At the Annual Meeting, the congregation voices its preferences for leadership by electing members to the Vestry and approving the annual parish budget. It also takes time to remem ber parishioners that have died and to discuss any important changes that are proposed for the parish and its life as a community.

The Annual Meeting also receives the "Annual Report," which provides a snapshot of the parish at the time of the meeting and summarizes the activities of different committees, groups, and ministries over the previous year.

The Annual Meeting will be held on SUNDAY, November 23, 2014
immediately following Holy Eucharist in the Parish Hall.

Don't miss this meeting. It is important that ALL have a voice in the future of our parish community

Annual Report - 2013
Annual Report - 2012
Annual Report - 2010